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Individual evaluations after a tough loss to the Knights in Gosford.

1 ROGER TUIVASA-SHECK (c): A huge night from the skipper. A game-high 218 metres from 25 runs, two slick try-assists and generally slick work at the back besides dropping one tough catch. Stepped up as he always does in tough grinds. 8

2 DAVID FUSITU’A: No attacking chances but some quality clean-up under the high ball at the Warriors’ end and some real intent in his 18 carries for 141 metres. 7

3 ADAM POMPEY: Strong running game with 125 metres on 15 carries, produced a nice finish for a try and made 14 tackles – certainly enough to keep Greg Alexander moist. 7

4 PETA HIKU: After a stellar defensive display on the Titans’ marquee forwards, Hiku had a tough night opposite Bradman Best – including getting brushed off for the match-winning try. Good carries (104 metres from 13 runs) but few chances to impress on attack. 5

5 KEN MAUMALO: Charged for 186 metres on 22 carries, including a team-high 66 post-contact metres, and scored a try. Didn’t quite see the menace of 2018-19 Big Ken though. 6.5

6 KODI NIKORIMA: Just three runs and a pedestrian kicking game. Not good enough in a tough game that was crying out for a livewire injection. 4.5

7 CHANEL HARRIS-TAVITA: Loved his courage in defence and willingness to take on the line, but the ability to control a game is still lacking for a No.7. 6

8 ADDIN FONUA-BLAKE: Stymied by a calf injury, AFB nevertheless managed 144 metres from 13 runs and proved a handful any time he carried – but he arguably more impressive in defence, making 24 stops (several excellent ones) with no misses. Fingers crossed for a good diagnosis, because this team is built around their new marquee man up front. 7.5

9 WAYDE EGAN: Generally good from dummy-half but a bit of a mixed bag – a knock-on from an offload, a questionably denied try, and some nice touches along with a massive 55 tackles. Fair showing. 6.5

10 JAMAYNE TAUNOA-BROWN: Only played 21 minutes, racking up six runs and 12 tackles. 5

11 ELIESA KATOA: Few opportunities to show his trademark attacking wares on the edge, but worked hard for 74 metres and 30 tackles. 6.5

12 BAYLEY SIRONEN: After a strong club debut, son of Paul struggled for impact. Made only 44 metres with the ball and racked up 24 tackles but missed five. 5

13 TOHU HARRIS: Very 2020-esque from Tohu, playing all but seven minutes and toiling for 15 runs for 136 metres and 44 tackles, as well as laying on BMM’s try with some slick sleight of hand. 8


14 JAZZ TEVAGA: Typically hardworking and aggressive off the bench (10 runs for 80 metres and 24 tackles) but is likely to miss a week for an ugly knee on Best. 6

15 BEN MURDOCH-MASILA: Real impact in his 38 minutes, powering over for a try, running nine times for 71 metres and notching 12 tackles without a miss. Eye-catching display 7.5

16 LEESON AH MAU: Second straight high-quality showing from the veteran. Made 27 tackles without a miss to enhance his rep as one of the NRL’s best defenders, and trucked it up 12 times for 96 metres. 7.5

17 BUNTY AFOA: Only afforded 15 minutes despite last week’s bombastic showing. Decent in the time he had with five runs and 13 tackles. 5

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