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Whether you’ve been on board since 1995 or have jumped on the bandwagon more recently, supporting the Warriors is not for the fainthearted – it’s a constant rollercoaster of emotions, within the 80 minutes and across each season.

There’s been some triumphs and, of course, more than our share of heartache and disappointment. But our love for the club (and the dream of a maiden premiership) keeps us coming back for more.

This Warriors Life has been established to celebrate and feed that passion, providing news, interviews, opinion, features and history for Warriors fans.

We aim to inflame discussion and debate. We’ll trumpet our victories and mourn our defeats, analysing what right or wrong and what needs to change. But whether we’ve rolled an NRL heavyweight or blown a lead against a premiership cellar-dweller, we’ll front up week after week, looking ahead to the next game.

TWL is a destination for the diehards, not the fairweathers. Bring on NRL season 2018!



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