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This was about as enjoyable to put together as the game was to watch – but like the Kingz Container Crew team, TWL will always turn up to give the Warriors individual marks out of 10. Didn’t need to get the calculator out to confirm this will be the lowest collective team rating of 2023 with solo standouts very thin on the ground in a soggy 28-6 defeat to Souths. The ‘7’ key and above gathering dust tonight.

1 CHARNZE NICOLL-KLOKSTAD: Some big kick-return efforts in the first half and finished with six tackle-breaks, but with only 110 metres on 15 carries for the night and struggling to get involved on attack it was probably CNK’s most underwhelming showing of a brilliant campaign. Ten tackles is a pretty impressive tally for a fullback. 6

2 DALLIN WATENE-ZELEZIAK: Back to earth after a stratospheric run of form for DWZ. Couldn’t really be blamed for Johnston’s first try but was caught a bit flat-footed for his second and very much outplayed by his opposite. Seemed hampered after hurting his lower leg during the first, down on pace and energy as he racked up 99 metres for 11 metres. Dropped high ball proved crucial late in the first half, while a little touch denied him a trademark runaway try. 5

3 ROCCO BERRY: Not a great night for the most vulnerable member of the 17. Atrocious defensive read to aid Souths’ first try and just four runs for 38 metres. Otherwise solid on D in a busy performance without the ball – 25 tackles with no misses. In my opinion, it’s a net positive bringing Kosi back on a wing and shifting Montoya into centre. 4.5

4 ADAM POMPEY: First half was good with a tidy try-assist and plenty of strong carries. Finished with 10 runs for 99 metres and 24 tackles (no misses), but a couple of errors and getting bundled into touch tarnished the performance. 5.5

5 MARCELO MONTOYA: Another to go well in the first half and poorly in the second. Finished off the first try of the match and churned through stacks of ball-carrying work. But a couple of second-half errors frustrated. Finished with seven tackle-breaks 15 runs for 102 metres and bundled Tyrone Munro into touch once, but was ultimately outshone by the debutant. 5.5

6 LUKE METCALF: Looked the most likely Warrior to break the game open for much of the night, particularly in the second half. Made 92 metres from eight runs, including a couple of half-breaks. Came up with some good defensive efforts among 18 tackles (no misses) with Keaon Koloamatangi charging at him all night. Ball-playing on the left edge was pretty clunky, however. 6

7 SHAUN JOHNSON: Another ultra-reliable 2023 star to produce probably their least impressive performance of the season so far. Kicked reasonably well from deep but got the fifth-tackle options and execution all wrong. Like the loss to the Roosters in the wet, seemed to run out of ideas on attack, played far too sideways and only found the in-goal once. Needed to play more direct in the conditions and – though I’m loathe to bag him for not running enough – could have helped the side by taking on the line a bit. Crucial miss on Cody Walker when he shot out of the defensive line, leading to Johnston’s second. 5.5

8 ADDIN FONUA-BLAKE: Unfortunate to be sat down for 10 minutes, but you don’t get binned if you don’t tackle high. Led the Warriors with 131 metres on 15 carries and racked up 26 tackles in 59 minutes, but AFB was overshadowed by the Rabbitohs’ front-rowers. 6

9 WAYDE EGAN: Could hold his head up, laying on the Warriors only try with some excellent blindside vision, running effectively from dummy-half and getting through 49 tackles in one of his few 80-minute performances of the season. Couldn’t have done a lot more in a team that was outplayed in virtually every department. 6.5

10 BUNTY AFOA: Big opening stint from Bunty in what was an eye-catching change-up, getting busy in a ball-carrying capacity. Finished the match with 10 runs for 79 metres (his fourth-highest tally of the season) and made 26 tackles without a miss – including one important cover tackle in the second half when Souths threatened to break away – in 39 minutes. 6

11 JACKSON FORD: A typical Ford performance – high workrate, big energy, tough…and a customary error and a couple of penalties. Ran a good decoy for the Warriors’ only try, made 10 strong runs for 87 metres and made a game-high 52 tackles in a massive defensive effort for an edge forward. 6.5

15 MITCH BARNETT: Looked in the zone early on with a succession of heat-seeker missile tackles and strong runs. Faded out of the contest somewhat – despite finishing with solid numbers of 10 runs for 102 metres and 40 tackles – and produced an absolute howler of a forward pass from a Souths line dropout that helped kill off any comeback hopes in the second half. 6

13 TOHU HARRIS: Massive work-rate again in a 72-minute captain’s knock, carting it up 15 times for 123 metres (behind only AFB) and clocked a half-century of tackles. Busy-ish as a ball-play but came up with two very low-percentage passes that turned the ball over. 6.5


14 DYLAN WALKER: Played 44 minutes off the pine in two stints but struggled to have his usual impact, passing the ball just once and finishing with 60 metres from seven runs. Got through a pile of defensive work, making 38 stops. 6

16 BAYLEY SIRONEN: Came on for 21 minutes on the edge and made a couple of penetrative runs along with 16 tackles with no misses. 5

17 TOM ALE: The Warriors could really have done with some fresh energy and leg speed during this match, but Ale only got 12 minutes to show his wares – during which time he made two nondescript runs and reeled off 11 tackles. 4

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