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More hit-and-miss individually than last week, but enough good stuff from the 17 to get the job done against the Bulldogs.

1 CHARNZE NICOLL-KLOKSTAD: A tradesmanlike custodian display from CNK – nothing flashy, but very safe, directed the defence well and ran for 142 metres on 19 runs (only 12 from kick-returns) and had five tackle-breaks. Push up in support much more during the second half and made some big inroads in the Bulldogs’ half of the field. 7

2 ED KOSI: Caught out as Addo-Carr stripped his edge for a long-range try, but otherwise the continuation of a very handy and mistake-free start to 2023 for the oft-maligned (by us) tyro. Defused some dicey situations – most notably with a miraculous intercept swipe and regather that eventually led to the Warriors’ first try – and took plenty of tough carries among 13 runs for 129 metres. 7

3 VILIAMI VAILEA: Bad start with a horrible misread to invite the Bulldogs in for the first try but recovered extremely well. Great line, power and determination to get over for the Warriors’ first, sent Montoya in with an excellent offload, had another line-break assist and super-impressive with his carries out of the Warriors’ end, finishing with 146 metres (40 post-contact) on 17 runs. A few other shaky moments on defence but nothing too bad. 7.5

3 ADAM POMPEY: Still has that headless chook routine down pat but all in all another serviceable display from Pompey. Struggled to make metres (108) but at least put his hand up for plenty of carries (16), while he came up with a few key stops and was burgled of a try by the Bunker. Two errors. 6

5 MARCELO MONTOYA: A ball-running beast yet again, sending several Bulldogs airborne among his 17 runs and 160 metres, which garnered a team-high six tackle-breaks and two line-breaks. Blazed in for a vital second-half try. On the debit side, couldn’t stick on Jake Averillo, who subsequently sent his opposite, Jacob Kiraz, in early and came up with one ugly cold drop deep in his own territory. 7

6 TE MAIRE MARTIN: Busy on attack and although the Bulldogs largely shut down the TMM-led left-side raids – he looked to be playing a bit to lateral at times – he came up big to help lay on Montoya’s try. Took a bit of the kicking load off Johnson for a change, forcing one line dropout, and was a terrier in defence with 25 tackles. 7

7 SHAUN JOHNSON: Vintage. Sending Vailea over for the Warriors’ first try and scoring the solo match-winner were the obvious highlights, but SJ was superb throughout. A constant threat with the ball in hand, ran the ball 15 times for 83 metres, had two line-break assists, kicked accurately and smartly, and absolutely magnficent in defence for the third straight game (20 tackles, no misses). Time to start the chat about going around for another year. 8.5

8 ADDIN FONUA-BLAKE: The second straight week AFB has been the standout prop on the paddock, after seemingly playing within himself in the first two rounds. Chewed through 154 metres – the most of any forward in the match – from 13 runs, including a team-high 50 post-contact. Also had four tackle-breaks and 23 tackles. 7.5

9 FREDDY LUSSICK: Certainly not up to Egan’s standard of the first three rounds…but few hookers in the NRL have been. Solid enough display to be confident in Lussick as a sound back-up option, providing good dummy-half service, picking a couple of good times to run and reeling off 36 tackles. One ill-conceived, poorly-executed mid-set kick downfield was a rare black mark. 6.5

10 BUNTY AFOA: A few more minutes than last week, playing the opening 22 and coming on for the last eight. Strong defensively with 20 tackles and made 64 metres on seven runs. 6

11 JACKSON FORD: A bit of a mixed bag in his return for essentially his first game since Round 1. An ‘A’ for effort, making a team-high 41 tackles, including many haranguing efforts, and topping 100 metres from 12 runs. But three ruck infringements – including one shocker on the fifth tackle inside the last 10 minutes near the Warriors’ line – were far from ideal. 6

12 MARATA NIUKORE: In the wars courtesy of a head clash and what looked like a stinger, but his work during 67 minutes on the park was quality. Nine imposing runs for 90 metres and kept that right edge nice and tight with 31 tackles with no misses. 7

13 TOHU HARRIS: Finally forced off the field after playing the first 285 minutes of the season, succumbing to a worrying knee injury early in the second half. Made 30 tackles but just four runs for 28 metres and never look comfortable after returning from the halftime break. Played the link role well when out there, passing 15 times. 6


14 DYLAN WALKER: Another high-octane performance, getting 59 minutes as injuries played a part in the Warriors’ rotation. Not all of it was pretty – coming up with two errors – but his thirst for work was insatiable, running the ball 18 times (139 metres), chalking up five tackle-breaks and making 20 tackles. Got better as the match wore on. 7

15 BAYLEY SIRONEN: On the park for 26 mintues, which included a short stint at hooker. Nothing bad, nothing great. When the versatile Walker and Tevaga are the bench, it’s hard to see how Sironen offers more value than Curran. 5

16 JAZZ TEVAGA: Another magnificent 44-minute contribution from the Warriors stalwart, making an equal-team-high 19 runs (147 metres) and getting through 22 tackles. Another error- and penalty-free performance as he looks to shed his reputation for ill-discipline. 8

17 TOM ALE: Added the requisite energy and punch from the pine in another modest allotment of minutes, making four runs for 38 metres and 12 tackles without a miss in quarter of an hour on the field. When the opportunity arises, would love to see him start and/or get half a game. 6.5


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