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Some good individual displays with no obvious standout, but a clear worst-on-ground candidate as the Warriors let a 14-0 halftime lead slip to the Wighton-inspired Raiders.

1 CHANEL HARRIS-TAVITA: In-goal blunder later on proved crucial but otherwise justified Stacey’s contentious selection call. Otherwise safe, ran strongly (13 carries for 112 metres), constantly pushing up in support up the middle and adding a fair bit as a ball-player from the back. Less brilliant but more solid than Reece. Hard to tell from watching on TV, but defence seems better organised – perhaps something to do with CHT being better at directing traffic in that department. 7

2 DALLIN WATENE-ZELEZNIAK: Ended up with a team-high 154 metres after his sizzling line-break following the penalty goal restart. One error from a Tom Starling bell-ringer. Sound at the back and did everything 100mph. 7

3 JESSE ARTHARS: Impressive in everything he did on both sides of the ball, but would love to see more involvement. Some of his eight runs for 66 metres really bent the line – just needed more of them. Some crucial stops in defence, finishing with 14 tackles and no misses. 6.5

4 ADAM POMPEY: Built like Tarzan, plays like Nielsen after five Ambien. Absolutely emasculated in defence by the very handy Matthew Timoko, including early in the second half as the Raiders got on the board. Meandered 87 metres from 10 carries with that strapping frame. Is only a realistic long-term NRL prospect as a winger, while current wingers DWZ and Montoya would be far more effective centres. Has a 9-8 win-loss record as a centre and is now 11-23 as a centre. I could go on but I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities to highlight his shortcomings. 4

5 MARCELO MONTOYA: Pretty good apart from Wighton putting two massive 40/20 away down his wing. Racked up 144 metres from a team-high 19 runs and took some excellent high-ball catches in difficult circumstances. Imagine Pompey’s natural gifts with Montoya’s effort 🤤 7

6 DAEJARN ASI: A Burton-like bomb produced the best falcon in more than a decade, which he then followed up with a robust solo try. Busy with the ball in the first half before going missing a bit. Missed a tough tackle as Harawira-Naera scored his first. Didn’t exactly demand a contract, but certainly did his chances of an extension no harm with a couple of flashes. 6

7 SHAUN JOHNSON: Blazing start with a pinpoint bomb that led to repeat set in the opening minute, then putting Murchie over with some sweet sleight-of-hand. That was the peak, however, with attacking imagination lacking a bit from there and only ran the ball twice in the match. Kicking game solid aside for dabbing it out on the full while on attack late in the first half, keeping the Warriors afloat hoofing it from less-than-ideal positions. Very gutsy defensive effort, coming up with some big tackles near the Warriors’ line. Anti-SJ types will no doubt be up in arms that he couldn’t get us over the line – but the Raiders finished with 57 percent possession and he had very little to work with after the first 20 minutes. 6

8 ADDIN-FONUA BLAKE: Super-strong first stint but finished with an uncharacteristically low 99 metres from nine runs in 54 minutes on the paddock, perhaps reflecting how under the pump the Warriors were in the second stanza. Made 28 tackles. 6

9 WAYDE EGAN: A game-high 46 tackles and caused the Raiders some issues with his wily passing game around the ruck and as a first-receiver in the first half. Battled on bravely after rib knock to play the full 80 with no dummy-half named on teh bench. 6.5

10 TOHU HARRIS: Another 80-minute captain’s knock, leading the Warriors’ forwards with 112 metres on 12 carries and reeling off 44 tackles. Ball-playing as the Warriors approached halfway was a real feature. 7.5

11 EUAN AITKEN: One of the weirdest statlines of the season with the second-row workhorse credited with just 20 metres from five runs in 80 minutes. Worked hard on defence with 38 tackles but missed five. Daydreaming about being a Dolphin maybe. Shocking howler from the Bunker’s Kasey Badger to rule he stripped the ball from a Raider near the line, which proved vital. 5

17 JACK MURCHIE: Surprise starting line-up promotion appeared a master-stroke from Jones, helping force an early line dropout then running a great line off Johnson then showing good awareness to carry on and reach out for the first try. Looked dangerous linking with SJ on another occasion or two but didn’t feature too prominently after that early burst, making 49 tackles (six runs) and 18 tackles (three misses). 6

13 JAZZ TEVAGA: Worked his arse off in 44 minutes on the park, churning out 10 runs for 72 metres and 33 tackles, and set the tempo in defence with his kick-chase and line speed. Absolutely burgled twice by the ref – firstly by inept Bunker official Kasey Badger, who dubiously ruled Jamal Fogarty didn’t strip from Jazz in a Captain’s Challenge, which he subsequently couldn’t use he one thousand percent had it reefed out later on and was again called a knock-on. 6.5


14 REECE WALSH: Thrown a figurative hospital pass being injected with 15 to go after the shellshocked Warriors had surrendered the lead for the first time and was unable to do anything constructive as the Raiders turned the screws. Interesting storyline to unfold over the last six rounds with the wantaway wonderboy, with Chanel likely to get the nod at fullback again. 4.5

15 BUNTY AFOA: Good output from the big fella in 36 minutes on the park: seven runs for 68 metres and 25 tackles without a miss. But is it a concern that he is by far our second-best prop (unless we’re now classifying Tohu as a genuine prop) in the 2023 roster? 6

12 JOSH CURRAN: Interesting call to bench the cult hero – who to be quite honest hasn’t been at his best since returning from injury, and didn’t exactly make a case for a return to the starting line-up. One run for eight metres is woeful in 36 minutes, regardless of the extent the Raiders had taken the ascendancy. Hard worker in defence with 31 tackles but rushing up unsuccessfully on Fogarty on the last as Harawira-Naera scored his decisive second try was not a great moment. 4.5

18 ELIESA KATOA: A surprise to see the former boom rookie get a late call-up for the first time since Round 11, particularly after recent news he has been told to look elsewhere. Did little wrong in 29 minutes, but looked out of place in the middle of the park where he chalked up 39 metres from five runs and 19 tackles without a miss. Remember when he was the best edge-forward prospect in the game? (sigh) 5.5

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