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1 REECE WALSH: Eight runs for 100 metres (second in the team) and looked dangerous as ever in the first half plus shouldered a heavy kicking load but was barely sighted after the break. Grubber on the third tackle near the Storm line was a poor option and put yet another kick-off dead on the full when the game was still somewhat in the balance and gave away two penalties. 5

2 DALLIN WATENE-ZELEZNIAK: Fine finish for the Warriors’ first try and eight runs for 52 metres before getting KO’d in a sickening incident seven minutes into the second half. 5

3 JESSE ARTHARS: Absolutely swatted on multiple occasions by Justin Olam in the first half and caught out of position after shifting to the wing when DWZ exited. Five runs for 32 metres. 4

4 ADAM POMPEY: Only six runs for 50 metres but looked arguably the Warriors most penetrative ball-runner. Came up with a few missed tackles though nothing too glaring from memory. 5.5

5 EDWARD KOSI: Started with a superb, high-difficulty take of a high ball…and then it went pear-shaped. Awful drop with a try in the offing that resulted in Hughes scoring at the other end, then soiled the Sealy Posturepedic again with a clumsy in-goal effort to gift Coates a try. Also dropped another bomb in the second half, but the coup de grâce was pulling up when leading the chase to a kick and allowing opposite Coates to score his fourth – whether it was a lack of effort or awareness, it was unforgivable. Six runs for 31 metres. The kid’s been solid – nothing more, nothing less – for the past few weeks. But when you’ve got two Hall of Fame shockers (the other being against the Dragons last year) on your résumé after nine NRL appearances, you have to think your chances of becoming a competent first-grader are slender. Particularly when he apparently boasts a fraction of the game-breaking upside of fellow howler-capable Warrior outside-back predecessors such as Vatuvei and Fisiiahi. 2

6 CHANEL HARRIS-TAVITA: Exquisite pass to send DWZ in early, a few other nice touches in the first half and tackled with trademark tenacity (17 tackles, no misses). 5.5

7 SHAUN JOHNSON: Dreadful intercept pass – his second in three games – to allow Meaney to sprint away, before atoning with a deft kick that took a fortunate bounce for Egan to score. Surely was hampered by injury as he kicked on just one other occasion. Scrambling defence was good as Olam and co. tormented his right-edge cohorts. One skip to the outside that created a second-half chance was exactly what we need more of from SJ. 5

8 ADDIN FONUA-BLAKE (c): Returned just seven runs for 67 metres in 55 minutes – but that was a reflection of the Warriors’ dearth of possession. Staunch in defence in the first half, meeting NAS head on. But a club-record loss is not something any skipper wants on their CV and will be looking forward to Harris taking on the leadership load in coming weeks. 5.5

9 WAYDE EGAN: Perhaps the Warriors’ most effective attacking player on the night, finishing with eight runs for 50 metres and chasing up a kick to score a try. Played 80 minutes for the first time but racked up his second-lowest tackle count (34) and was bumped off a few times. 5.5

10 MATT LODGE: Hmm, probably the Warriors’ best on ground? Dwarfed his teammates with 14 carries for 113 metres (54 post-contact) and had three tackle-breaks. Reeled off 31 tackles and seemed to be one of the few taking the second-half collapse personally, going after Tepai Moeroa with a series of headlong tackles – one of which resulted in a penalty. 6

11 EUAN AITKEN: Made 35 tackles and missed just one, coming up with several massive cover efforts in the first half. Had a couple of handling errors, though, and didn’t feature much with the ball. 5.5

13 JOSH CURRAN: Moved to the edge in a late starting line-up reshuffle but his night ended with an MCL injury two minutes into the second half. Five runs, 27 tackles. 5

20 JAZZ TEVAGA: Brought the customary energy and aggression, particularly in defence where he finished with a game-high 45 tackles. A few spicy carries in the first half. 5.5


12 BAYLEY SIRONEN: Came on in the second-row and moved to centre after DWZ went off. Just three runs, five missed tackles and a forward pass. 4.5

15 BUNTY AFOA: Didn’t let anyone down in 29 minutes of game-time, chalking up six runs and 29 tackles. 5.5

16 AARON PENE: Put on report after ending Reimis Smith’s game and contributed a modest four runs and 22 tackles (3 misses) in 37 minutes on the paddock. 4.5

18 TANIELA OTUKOLO: It may have been a case of not having anyone else – as it possibly was last week, if we’re giving Brownie the benefit of the doubt – but it’s doing the lightweight rake a disservice to chuck him out there as a back-rower. Steamrolled twice near the goal-line in Storm tries and had the rare stat-line of zero runs in 22 minutes…though it’s possible the Warriors only had the ball once or twice while he was out there. Would like to know whether it was the intention to give him a stint at dummy-half before injuries changed Brown’s interchange plan 3.5

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  1. Comments are pretty accurate, the numbers assigned are overly generous. Lodge a five but the rest were well south of that. This ‘performance’ had been brewing. The season is in deep trouble.

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