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Getting harder to justify the retention of some long-term servants after that one…

1 ROGER TUIVASA-SHECK (c): An utter workhorse with 24 carries for a by-a-mile team-high 209 metres, but struggled to ignite the attack as he has at times in 2021. A key dropped bomb among two errors, on top of a penalty. 6.5

2 EDWARD KOSI: Was getting paid $19 an hour as a shelf-stacker this time last year. Wouldn’t want to shell out much more than that for his efforts today – not busy enough (10 runs for 84 metres) and too lumbering to make it as an NRL winger on the evidence so far. 4

3 ADAM POMPEY: Strong carries early but went missing. Will never put away someone on the wing, which is where he should be playing. 5

4 ROCCO BERRY: A genuine positive is an absolute rabble of a backline. Made a number of impressive grass-cutting tackles and ran strongly when given the chance. Another who should get a wing spot when the likes of Aitken and Hiku are available. 7

5 KEN MAUMALO: Big Ken is in big trouble. A distinct lack of customary venom and physical presence in his 17 runs for 139 metres, but an appalling read and attempt for opposite Jason Saab to grab a hat-trick-completing try was even worse, while a dismal day out was capped a fairly limp effort in attempting to score a last-minute potential equaliser. 3

7 KODI NIKORIMA: Hard to go past one of the all-time great bombed tries in Warriors history, finding the turf early in the second half when he had a two-man overlap. Positives: six-from-six with the boot and two try-assists in the first half – one from a pass to CHT, the other a fortuitous one from the boot. Yet again a lack of authority as the senior half before embarking on a largely uneventful 26 minutes at hooker…but hey, the Warriors gave him a player option back in 2019 so we’ve got him for another 18 months. 4

20 CHANEL HARRIS-TAVITA: Some great signs for a guy coming off foot surgery: two tries that came from his intent to be in and around the ball 24/7. Plus some inspirational defensive efforts among 16 tackles and 100 running metres. But kicking game was overwhelming poor and overplayed his hand to an extraordinary degree in the latter stages when the pill needed to be in Reece Walsh’s mits. 6

8 JAMAYNE TAUNOA-BROWN: Eight runs for 60-odd metres, 28 tackles without a miss. Decent foil if AFB is there, pedestrian front-row option when he’s not. 5

9 WAYDE EGAN: Superb work to put Tohu Harris over. Otherwise frustrating – including some frustrating defensive lapses – and put out to pasture with 26 minutes left. 5

10 KANE EVANS: Gave the impression of playing some better footy this week. Led the forwards with 117 metres…but again a high proportion was made up of kick-returns. Looked solid enough early (despite being lucky to get away with some set restart-worthy work at the ruck) but should be on borrowed time. 5

11 JOSH CURRAN: Grabbed his first NRL try courtesy of his desire to be on the spot…and then it all unravelled. Crunched twice by Daly Cherry-Evans for two dropped balls (among three for the match) inside the Warriors’ half. Unforgivable. Unlucky to be pinged for another ‘contact with the head’ incident. 4

17 BAYLEY SIRONEN: He played, did he? 4

13 TOHU HARRIS: The Warriors’ best. Had 14 tough carries – the most by a Warriors forward – for 90 metres, reeled off a team-high 42 tackles, scored a great try and popped an excellent offload for Walsh’s try. Class. 7.5


6 REECE WALSH: Unfairly tossed into the game 54 minutes in when the Warriors were backpedalling in the face of a runaway Turbo-charged freight train. Struggled defensively in the unfamiliar centre role, where the eponymous locomotive was causing havoc. Still came up with some great tackles. With bewildering limited attacking opportunities, singlehandedly got the Warriors back in it with a try-assist from a pinpoint kick and a super-determined maiden NRL try. Must start. 7

14 JAZZ TEVAGA: Terrier-like defence was a highlight, but hard to understand why he only got a 21-minutes first stint when the front-rowers were up to sweet FA. Also managed 11 runs for 95 metres in just 29 minutes. Brown needs to get his rotation and Jazz-usage sorted pronto. 7

15 LEESON AH MAU: Decent presence, six runs for 46 metres and 23 tackles with (surprise, surprise) no misses. Should start over either of our current props. 6

16 BUNTY AFOA: Easily the Warriors’ most impactful prop with six runs for 66 metres (though almost half was on kick-returns) and a whopping 32 tackles without a miss in 41 minutes. Also should start, ya know, as the teams’ best-performed front-rower…




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