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Robert Anderson is a Brisbane-based Warriors fan and long-time member of the club. Throughout 2020, he will share his memories and thoughts on his beloved team for This Warriors Life. Here’s the 13th edition of Robert’s ‘Warrior-Roo’ blog (find previous entries HERE):

The Broncos draw a lot of water here in Brisbane. They’re easily the most popular sporting franchise and the media darlings. I guess it helps when you’re owned by News Corp. Success is demanded from the team and the pressure is on the them is immense. Just ask Anthony Seibold and this current bunch.

In the lead-up to last week’s game the Brisbane media kept talking about how it would be a new low if they lost to the Warriors and surely this was the week when they get back on track. The Broncos had a superior team on paper and it was only a formality that they would overcome the demoralised Warriors.

Well, sorry boys, but we had other ideas. Despite being equally desperate and going through the one of the toughest seasons imaginable we showed that we wanted it more. It was so bloody good to see the Warriors show some grit and resilience despite not everything going our way. It looks as though some of Todd Payten’s tough talk had actually rubbed off on the boys.

As soon as the fulltime whistle was blown the commentary was all about the Broncos. There were tears from Alex Glenn and Brodie Croft, and none of the jovial post-match socialising of the previous week. This one must have really hurt them. As Warriors fans we can certainly relate to the pain of defeat and inept performance. Try sitting through the best part of the past decade, boys!

But what grinded my gears was that once again the fact that we played well to beat the Broncos only got a passing mention. It was all about how this once mighty club had fallen to arguably its lowest point in their proud history. Yes, I know that it’s the Australian media and the Broncos’ demise is a big story, but how about at least interviewing the winning captain instead of toast master Darius Boyd!

The Broncos are my old team, but to paraphrase Gotye, now they’re just some team that I used to know. It’s also hard for me to feel too sorry for them as they have close to the sweetest deal in the NRL. Despite the fact they claim they push for Sunday arvo games they seem to be on free-to-air almost every Thursday or Friday night. This also means that they get close to a 7-day turnaround for each week. I know this is not entirely their doing as Channel 9 selects the games…but never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn!

The Warriors’ close history with the Broncos obviously links back to Round 1 1995, and since then we’ve had many a memorable encounter with them – from Stacey’s field goal in 2001 to Campion’s fist meeting Webcke’s face in 2002, to Faumuina’s alley oop in 2003, to Maloney’s 28 points in 2010. So many great memories! It took us six years to register our first victory, but since then ledger has been fairly even and always an anticipated clash for me being a Brisbane local.

My Bronco-supporting mates who usually generously remind me of the score when they win predictably went missing over the weekend. While it was tempting to return the favour, it was plain to see how much the club and the supporters are hurting so I let it pass. Plus, that’s not really my go anymore and that kind of behaviour just comes back to haunt you from my experience!


But enough about the Broncos. May the rejuvenated Warriors march on from the courageous victory and continue to show the pride in the jersey that was exhibited on Saturday night. Hopefully this was the penny-drop moment for the boys and we can push on and finish the season strong.

We had every reason and excuse to give up on Saturday night – and let’s be honest, many a Warriors team of the past very well may have.  Despite no RTS, Kodi injured early, 10-0 deficit, plus every other off-field issue on top of that we still managed to stay in the fight and get the W. While Saturday may have all been all about the Broncos for many, as a Warriors supporter I couldn’t have been prouder.

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