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We didn’t need a large proportion of the 10 points available to rate our boys after a disastrous 36-4 loss at Penrith.

1 ROGER TUIVASA-SHECK (c): Safe as houses but his impact was extremely well-diluted by the Panthers, who trapped him in-goal no less than three times. No reason to complain but it wasn’t the RTS we’ve seen in just about every other game this year, and was kept under 100 metres for the first time in living memory. 6

2 DAVID FUSITU’A: Great first half from a ball-carrying point of view but struggled to get his lines and support runs right all night. Ten runs for 96 metres, but a frustrating outing. 6

3 PETA HIKU: When Manu Vatuvei had that infamous, butter-fingered shocker at Parrmatta Stadium in 2007, at least he was having a crack. The same can’t be said for Hiku, who put in an entry for the worst performance ever in a Warriors jumper. Nine missed tackles – including two that resulted directly in tries – and sloppy in attack, but it’s his lack of resolve in giving up on the chase shamefully early before Blake scored that should see him in the reggies next week. Hooked with 15 minutes left, which was way too late given the reliable Gerard Beale was on the bench. 3

4 SOLOMONE KATA: Quiet – just six carries – but at least not terrible. Made 14 tackles and was credited with a try assist for Maumalo’s consolation effort. 6

5 KEN MAUMALO: Big Ken was the only Warrior to break triple figures in the run metres department and deservedly finished with a try in the dying stages. Did what he does best for the most part and didn’t make any obvious bungles. 7

6 BLAKE GREEN: By far his most active running game of the season, making several near-breaks and creating a number of half-chances. Unfortunately, his teammates weren’t as eager to play through the middle and his determined attacking efforts were largely in vain. Racked up 22 tackles. 7

7 SHAUN JOHNSON: Let me preface this by saying we are not Johnson baggers – hand on heart he’s our favourite player and he’s been sensational on the whole in 2018. But he was ordinary tonight. Too many rash plays, too much playing off the back foot and nowhere near enough direct running. The opportunities were there but SJ was far too off his game to take them. If he punks out on the England tour at the end of the year, his Panthers opposite might just be the Kiwis’ answer in the No.7. 4.5

8 JAMES GAVET: For God’s sake, run onto the ball. Gavet has developed an infuriating habit of taking the ball flat-footed just off the ruck, then trying to wind up. It’s why he finished with 80 metres from 11 carries when his opposites were making around 10 metres a run. We like Gavet – but we loved him in 2017. 5.5

9 ISSAC LUKE: When anything looked likely to happen for the Warriors, Luke was more often than not involved. Good dummy-half penetration, but a back-pedalling pack didn’t give him much to work with over the course of 80 minutes. We talk about momentum-changing moments – his poorly-executed fourth-tackle kick midway through the first half led to a huge swing in the Panthers’ favour. 6.5

10 AGNATIUS PAASI: Started with a hiss and a roar, but with Bunty Afoa missing the Warriors needed a real big showing from their most productive starting middle. Eight runs for 62 metres and 21 tackles was not what anyone had in mind. 5.5

11 ISAIAH PAPALI’I: Worked very, very hard for 35 tackles and nine runs for 88 metres, but his lack of agility was exposed by the fizzing Panthers. Looked slow and lumbering with the ball rather than the impressive tyro he is. 6

12 SIMON MANNERING: Topped the tackle count with 39 and carted the ball up eight times. We can’t criticise him on this performance – got stuck in despite his team being under the pump for most of the match. 6.5

13 ADAM BLAIR: We’ve been waiting a long time to say this – and we wish it was under more successful circumstances – but Blair was the Warriors’ best by some margin at Panthers Stadium. Didn’t do a lot from a ball-carrying perspective but had some super-classy touches with the ball (including what would have been one of the Warriors’ best try-assists of 2018 had ‘Fus’ been able to dot down) and reeled off 31 tackles – the vast majority of them either aggressive shots on the kick-chase or outstanding cover efforts. 7.5


14 JAZZ TEVAGA: Came on midway through the first half and worked like a dog in defence, finishing with 37 tackles. Looked to spark the attack but came up with a gaffe or two. Not the worst. 6

15 CHRIS SATAE: Bad, bad read allowed Jarome Luai to score in the first half. Played more minutes than usual and racked up 23 tackles and six runs, but there may be a temptation to draft the more dexterous Sam Lisone back in if he stars in ISP this weekend. 5.5

16 LIGI SAO: Came on late, ran strong. Could’ve done with a first-half introduction. 5

17 GERARD BEALE: Replaced the hapless Hiku with 15 minutes to go and didn’t really feature, making five tackles and running the ball once. But at least didn’t let the Panthers pour down the Warriors’ right edge again. 4

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