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All the media, fan, player and coach reaction from the Warriors’ incredible 20-12 win over the Dragons on Friday night.

What the Warriors said

Stephen Kearney finally cracked! After keeping a lid on the emotion surrounding the Warriors’ incredible start to 2018 and playing a straight bat at press conference after media session, he admitted the heroic defeat of the Dragons was among the greatest of his career.

“Not only here [with the Warriors], but this is right up there in terms of the situation that was facing the lads tonight,” said Kearney.

“They showed a tremendous amount of courage…with the changes, 10 minutes in the bin and being up against the best side in the comp at the minute.

“The way they stuck in there, I’m really proud, it ranks up there, way up there. It had everything, in terms of the adversity that was chucked at the lads.”

The closest we’ve got to a toothy grin from the coach all season.

What the fans said

Pretty much just 100 percent unbridled joy and adulation for one of the great wins.

And a fair bit of ‘I told you so’ from the Anthony Gelling apologists/repent from the Anthony Gelling baggers.

What the NZ media said

NZ Herald’s Michael Burgess lauded the Warriors’ all-time defensive performance and underlined the significance of Stephen Kearney’s post-match declaration, but he still had a bit a bake for the refs after a 13-5 drubbing in the penalty count.

Herald stablemate David Skipwith praised the Warriors’ bounce-back after a flat loss to Brisbane and Mason Lino’s stellar stand-in display for the second time in four rounds.

They’re the real deal this year’ crowed the Herald’s Dale Budge.

The defence, Luke, Lino, the bounce-back – Stuff’s David Long had it all covered.

Ditto Jackson Thomas for NRL.com.

Can’t argue with Sky Sports’ Glen Larmer on this one.

Props for the D kept coming thick and fast…

…while some couldn’t believe the Warriors’ superhuman defensive effort was unassisted.

Guy wasn’t the only NZ comedy personality to get in on the Warriors’ stunning resurgence, with Oscar Kightley lauding the team for bringing the fans back.

Veitchy’s still fizzing at the bung.

Last and least: the widely-despised Chris Rattue has struggled to find an angle on the Warriors in 2018 since they’re actually going well. But he managed to rile everyone up this weekend with the absurd suggestion that Shaun Johnson should be permanently dropped for Mason Lino.

What the Aussie media said

Nathan Ryan covered the game for FoxSports and, like us, he was all about Issac Luke…

…after some early love for Air Fus.

Vossy was enamoured with rugby league in general after back-to-back classics on Friday night.

You can always count on Big League editor Pam Whaley to provide the NRL-related lolz.

And new Big League scribe Darcie McDonald was trumpeting a bold tip coming up trumps.

What we said

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