warriors 25

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  1. Aww common guys
    Do the ratingssss

  2. I , see , a , winger, and , I, want , it , painted , brown….

  3. Comments are pretty accurate, the numbers assigned are overly generous. Lodge a five but the rest were well south of that. This ‘performance’ had been brewing. The season is in deep trouble.

  4. Great writin

  5. Crooked bunker, refs, officialdom, they do this year in year out, CHEATS!!…Its like institutional racism, very subtle, but the rotten side always reveals its ugliness. You Aussies should thank us , rather than hinder, up the Warrs you

  6. Gr8 to see boys stick it out after the gruelling playing schedule of the last few weeks,time spent on flights, referees decisions, injuries all taking a toll . Ronny Volkman the author of this column states should stay until metcalf is ready, i disagree. Ronny has so many skills we havent seen yet. His reserve grade form in NSW cup, is impressive enough that sooner or later that form will realise itself to NRL form. So give him time and he’ll show us all mate!

  7. AFB! Those stats…are out the gate. Best prop to wear a Kiwi jumper, althou sadly no more, then daylight back to Broadhurst, Sorenson and Todd.


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